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Laver Risotto

Claudia Keller

I want to go back to the roots blogwise and try more unconventional stuff again. Unconventional from a Swiss point of view that is. 

Luckily I noticed a tin of green goo at the British Cheese Centre which looked like the perfect thing: Laver. Now most Swiss will think of Roger Federer, Rod Laver and the Laver Cup. Wrong!  

Laver is a seaweed which the Welsh mix with oats to make laverbread. I decided to skip the laverbread and use the laver with another Welsh ingredient: Caerphilly cheese for a risotto. When I opened the laver tin I was a bit worried about ending up with a green blob tasting like a bad day at the beach.  


I made a regular risotto with white wine and broth starting of with sweating onions (1), adding the rice (1 cup) followed by white wine (1 cup) and the gradually adding the broth until the rice was almost cooked. Then I added the laver (ended up with 3 generous teaspoons) and Caerphilly cheese (50g). I topped it with crispy bacon bits and tucked in. 


My (very critical) significant other asked for seconds so I'll mark this recipe as a keeper! 

If you want to try making this and live in Zürich, you can head to the British Cheese Centre in the Viadukt to get both the laver and the Caerphilly. I believe they now also have an online shop. And no, this is not a sponsored post.