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Sprout Soup

Claudia Keller

I like sprouts. Usually I just boil them and serve them as a side dish with bacon strips and caramelized onions. This time I thought I'd use my Vitamix blender and make a soup. The recipe is simple: 

1/3 boiled potatoes

2/3 cooked sprouts (leave a few leaves as a garnish)

vegetable broth (enough to give your preferred consistency, I like my soups rather thick)

a pinch of Curry powder (not too much unless you want a Curry soup) and a pinch of Kurkuma powder

double cream (1-2 tablespoons per liter soup)

Cook and blend. 

Garnish and serve. For the garnish I filled the saved sprout leaves with crispy bacon, croutons and pomegranate seeds. Tasty and pretty!