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Claudia Keller

I love a good drink. Gin is one of my favourite tipples but I will also never say no to a good Cosmo.  

I had a bag of fresh Cranberries in the fridge and a pack of jam sugar in the cupboard. So I thought I'd try a Cosmo in a jar.  The amounts below will give you jam for 3 - 4 small or 2 medium sized jars. 

To 500g jam sugar (2:3) I added 350g Cranberries, 330ml Cranberry juice (pure not the diluted stuff) and the juice and zest of a lime. I brought it to the boil and let it thicken. When it was ready to be put in the jars I added 4cl Wodka and 2cl Cointreau, gave it a thorough whisk off the heat and poured the jam in the jars. Done! 

The fresh berries give it a bit of a bitter note but all in all I am very happy with the result.  


Cranberries waiting to be boozed up

Cranberries waiting to be boozed up

Cosmo Jam

Cosmo Jam