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Fooderella makes...

Cereally Delicious

Claudia Keller

I love unusual tasting ice cream. Murphy's is one of my favourite ice cream makers and I wish they'd open a shop in Zurich! In the meantime I am making my own. I already made delicious Guinness Ice Cream and Liquorice Ice Cream in the past.
Today I made Cereal Ice Cream. I am a member of Coolbrandz and was chosen to test Nestle Fitness Cereals. I did not have time for breakfast today. This happens often as I usually choose sleep over food in the mornings.
Having just received my test box I was keen to cook something with the cereal and remembered a popcorn ice cream recipe someone mentioned to me. What works with popcorn should work with cereal and so I made cereal ice cream.
And this is how:
I soaked 60g of Nestlé Fitness Cereal in 200ml milk (full fat, always) until soggy (I put them in the fridge this morning and left them to soak until this evening). To start making the ice cream I whisked together 4 egg yolks, 80g light brown sugar, 1 tbsp glucose sirup (for a smoother ice cream) and a pinch of salt. In a pot I heated (no boiling!) 250ml cream and 1 tsp of vanilla extract with the soggy cereal adding an extra 125ml milk.
Next I strained the mix into a new pan and then added it slowly to the egg/sugar mix (don't rush, you do NOT want to end up with scrambled eggs). Then the whole thing goes back in the pan and on the stove. Heat it until it has a custardy consistency. Let it cool down completely before putting it in your ice making machine.
The ice cream has a rich "cereally" flavour and tastes delicious!