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Scotch Eggs

Claudia Keller

I am watching Euro 12 today and I thought I'd cook typical footie food, i.e. something fatty that you can eat in front of the TV. I chose Scotch eggs because I have never eaten one in my whole life. The recipe is from the BBC Food site and is for 4 eggs. I decided to make only two. If they turn out awful I won't have wated too many eggs. And if they turn out well, I will be spared some (or rather tons of) calories.

I boiled two eggs as instructed (simmering 9 minutes after having been placed in cold salted water brought to the boil).

I used a sausage from the Ticino to wrap my eggs in.

I added some chopped onions, pepper and dried herbs (I did not have any fresh ones, unfortunately).

Never having eaten Scotch eggs I do not know whether this is the right size or whether I used too much meat.

I rolled the balls in a beaten egg and then in home made bread crumbs (that is why they look a bit coarse).

I do not have a chip pan so I had to fry the eggs in a normal deep pan. Something I have never done before so I kept my fingers crossed that I would not set the kitchen on fire....

Everything went to plan and the Scotch eggs turned out really lovely. Crips on the outside, the sausage meat was cooked and the egg yolk was still a little gooey. I served it with sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes. A great snack, indeed, and I am glad I only made the two.


I would love to try these with quails eggs. That would make a lovely bite sized snack!