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Cake Pop Gallery

Claudia Keller

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Bakerella Cake Pop Kit and made Cake Pops using leftover Banana Cake, dark chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles. I was not that much into the idea of cake pops because it seems stupid to me to crumble up a perfectly good cake to mix it with something sweet and gooey to take all lightness out of the cake. To top it all, you cover it in more sweet stuff to produce a sticky bite sized ball of sugar and fat. To my surprise, however, my cake pops turned out to be not too sweet (not a lot of sugar in the banana cake, dark chocolate coating) which changed my attitude. The booklet that was included in the kit contained pictures of artful cake pops such as penguins, bees and glittery balls. Thus, when I received an e-mail advertising a cake pop baking class I decided to sign up.

The class was fun. 13 women, 1 guy (named Guy incidentally) and a teacher that grew less patient and bossier as the evening progressed. We used the candy melts that are recommended in every cake pop book for coating the cake pops. The cake base was made of a simple chocolate cake that the teacher had prepared the night before. For 400g cake crumbs she uses 70g cream cheese and 140g confectioner’s sugar. We had to mix these ingredients thoroughly and formed our cake pop shapes.

While the cake pop balls and shapes cooled down in the fridge, we made some decorations from marzipan and the teacher melted the candy melts. 

We then all had a go at coating our shapes and balls. I think at least one third of my balls and shapes had cracks and fell off the bloody stick in the melted candy melts. Here are the pictures of those I managed to finish.

Here are the single ones in a gallery of their own. They look nice enough. The coating is not as even and glossy as I would have expected but we only had 4 hours to make our cake pops so it was all a bit rushed. I have not bought any cake pops from a shop yet but still think I prefer proper old fashioned cakes and cupcakes to the cake pops. They are a quirky gift for a birthday party but I have yet to come across a cake pop that is worth all the preparation time, ingredients and effort.