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Homemade Cheetah

Claudia Keller

Yes, you read the title correctly: homemade cheetah. February's motto was going to be "Carnival Food" with lots of posts about recipes for delicious fried pastries and savoury bites typical for the carnival season. But I was so busy February is almost over and I have not posted one bloody recipe.   

And I'm not going to start today, unfortunately. I was up to my elbow in carnival preparations today, but not foodwise. I painted my own mask ("Larve" as we say in Basel, phonetically close to larvae) for the upcoming Fasnacht (i.e. carnival). I am so thrilled with the result that I decided to post it here even though it is not edible.  

Cheetah mask for Basler Fasnacht

Cheetah mask for Basler Fasnacht