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about me

About me

I like it short and sweet: Mother of 2 wild boys (as a teenager I LOVED Duran Duran's song about them, so I guess I brought it on myself) - lawyer - passionate cook and baker - dabbling in arts and crafts -  runner enjoying the odd organized run (Dublin Marathon and Edinburgh Half-Marathon Finisher).

Transparency Notice

This blog contains my own personal views and my own free and honest opinions. Authenticity, credibility and trustfulness are principles I hold dear. Thus, except where otherwise indicated, all products and gadgets that are featured on this blog were paid for by myself. The same goes for visits to restaurants and shops.

Copyright Notice

I always indicate the source of a recipe. If no source is indicated, the recipe is my own.

All pictures are my own and I reserve all rights. They may be used for non-commercial use without asking permission first provided that they are referenced "© Claudia Keller". Any commercial use always requires permission.